Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sheep and Wool 2008

Sheep and Wool was last weekend. I finally have a few minutes (it's Mother's Day, an excuse to do nothing) to take some pictures.
This year I went on a pink binge. This goes back to my yearning for Cherry Blossom shades, and a plan to make the beautiful Hanami stole. First back in March, I ordered 2 skeins of Rock Creek yarns' Cherry Blossom.It came in a beautiful sheer bag.

Then I went to the Takoma Park Homespun Yarn Party on March 30th. I bought a handmade knitting project bag and circular needle roll from Blue Kitty Designs. I didn't get any yarn, but talked to Jennifer of Spirit Trail Fiberworks about the possibility of dying some merino lace in a cherry blossom colorway.
I arrived at MSW around 1 PM. My friend Martha and I decided to avoid the insane, suffocating crowds that show up in the morning, and were glad we did. I went to the Spirit Trail booth Saturday afternoon and there were 3 skeins of the special pink colorway left. Someone told me - this is a special colorway - and I answered - yes, I know , it's for me because I asked for it back in March!
At Kiparoon Farm I got a skein of Silk Road - 50/50 wool and silk in a colorway combining shades of green and pink. Cloverhill Yarn Shop, which always has a big booth immediately inside the big barn at MSW was selling yarns and patterns from local designers. I got 2 skeins of Spritely Goods fine fingering weight superwash merino in a lovely colorway of pinks, greens, and more.
Are we seeing a theme yet?
The biggest break from the pink theme was my purchase at The Fibre Co. I bought 7 or 8 skeins of Savannah Bulky which is a blend of merino, organic cotton, linen. and soya fiber.

After a delicious dinner of Indian food, Martha and I went to the Ravelry party. I grabbed a table inside as there were no seats outside, and after shopping for hours, I was ready to park myself and knit. Well as the whole world now knows, it started to rain, and everyone came streaming inside. Our table was right in front of the stage and all the goings-on. In the middle of everything, my pattern caught on fire - there were candles on the tables. Amy O H's mom, Cookie noticed it was burning and put out the fire. Mary Heather took our picture, and there are a couple pics floating around (I think Martha took them).

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