Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day emergency knitting

My second post today:)
A few weeks back Stephanie Pearl-McPhee AKA The Yarn Harlot appeared at the Borders in Annapolis, MD. It was one of her few appearances on a book tour for her latest Things I Learned from Knitting...whether I wanted to or not. One of the many comments she made that brought the house down in laughter was about emergency knitting. This summary comes from the blog Purls of Wisdom
...she mentioned a study that talked about how people when they are doing something repetitive are able to process disturbing things more easily – and how the study mentioned knitting in particular to help reduce stressful situations / enable people to hear / process painful information, but that same study said that it “wasn’t practical” to carry around emergency knitting – I thought that people would fall off their chairs laughing. I know I myself have a knitting bag that is always in the car for those situations when I realize that I am stuck waiting somewhere (when I hadn’t anticipated it) and I know that I am not the only one with an “emergency project”.

Today I went out for some Mother's Day shopping and a meal with my son. We didn't want to go the "big deal" route with reservations etc. I want to replace my digital camera (need a better one for Ravelry and blogging). As soon as we pulled out of my parking place, I knew something was wrong. But silly me, I continued to drive up to a big intersection when it became obvious something was wrong. My son got out and announced I had a flat tire. I waited over an hour for AAA but I had my emergency knitting!!!! I was calm, and happy to wait. I out of the rain in my car, and also discovered I had left my wallet at home. That would have put a damper on shopping and eating. My son ran the half mile home in the rain, and drove back in his car with the wallet. He sat in the car til AAA called and said they were around the corner. We talked, and I knit. When I got home, I ordered Chinese food - no more outings today.
Lessons learned :
learn to read all those dashboard symbols so you know when you have a car problem
make sure you have some kind of emergency road service;
AND always bring
emergency knitting.

Happy Mother's Day.

Emergency Knit Kit from Dancing Leaf Farm

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Martha H said...

Oh, no! That's not exactly the way to spend Mother's Day, but I'm glad you made the best of it!