Saturday, May 24, 2008

Red,White, and Blue yarn and Butt Watch 08

I need to preface this posting. It started as a posting about red, white, and blue yarn, and became a posting about looking at athlete's behinds. Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes.
I know it's Memorial Day weekend, a patriotic holiday, but that wasn't on my mind when I went to A Tangled Skein looking for red, white, and blue cotton yarn. I had the Boston Red Sox on the brain and went looking for yarn to start playing with a scarf pattern. Why cotton? I thought for a year-round scarf, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece might be a fine choice. As I was trying to describe the kind of blue I needed (navy blue) to Rivka (Ravelry name) who works at ATS, I realized I was looking for the red, white, and blue colors of the American flag. The connection makes sense - the American Revolution started in Massachusetts, shot heard round the world and all that, and the Red Sox are in the American League, etc.
But Brown Sheep does not have the right shade of blue. They have something called Wolverine Blue, and forget the red. Rivka thinks some company should consider making yarns in team colors - lots of folks come to ATS looking for Redskins colors. I think that yarn companies should realize that red, white, and blue are a traditional palette, especially in the summer (and therefore call for cotton yarns). What will it take - Polo or Ralph Lauren getting into the yarn business (no thank you!)?
After looking at lots of nice cottons, I found that Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky came in the perfect shades, but it was bulky wool. I finally settled on some Encore in exactly the right shades. I am not a fan of acrylic, but this yarn is to play around with trying to work up the perfect Red Sox design. I was inspired by Honeybadgers scarf which I found through the Ravelry Group Sox Knitters. She made it in Caron Simply Soft, an acrylic yarn, with over 9,000 projects on Ravely.
The most popular thread on Sox Knitters today is Butt Watch with almost 500 posts! Apologies, and/or thanks to members of the Sox Knitters from whom I stole/borrowed the "butt" images. But this girl has been known to go to Sox games with binoculars just to keep an eye on Manny's behind :). Who knew there were so many of us out there, who also knit!


Psyched2Knit said...

Isn't awesome to have so many other people that share your "passion!"

Kat said...

Butt Watch rules!!! Good luck with your scarf concept.