Sunday, May 25, 2008

Emergency Knitting Part 2

It didn't take long for a resourceful knitter to come up with an Emergency Knitting bag in response to the Yarn Harlot's latest thoughts on the importance of knitting.
I found this info on the bag on Lime and Violet's blog Daily Chum. The brilliant designer Illiane describes it this way:
We've been there. Caught unawares, empty handed, with time a-wasting. Whether it's at the doctor's, waiting for the mechanic to finish, or finding ourselves unexpectedly bored at a tailgating party, it would be just so much better if we had some knitting to tide us over!

Never fear, you shall never be caught unprepared again. Behold, the Emergency Knitting Bag!
She's run out right now, but expects more around June 10th. $14.95 - what a deal!


cici said...

ohhhh what a cool idea,... Now I will have to have one...

CiCi and CAJtalk said...

Hello... im back again,,, first let me thank you for the great new music from Glen Hansard he is awesome.... and second to say you have been tagged, go to my blog for details..