Monday, February 25, 2008

The Oscars and Glen Hansard/Marketa Iglova

They won!!

Making a name for themselves
This article is from the Washington Post on Feb. 21st.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Obama and the sock

There is no end to Knitters for Obama making wild links between their favorite activity (knitting) and their favorite candidate (Senator Barack Obama).

Here we have an "insane" knitter who got a photo of Obama with her sock-in-progress. What a good sport!

The other great find via the Knitters for Obama group is this great t-shirt.

And this beautiful yarn called Audacity from Black Bunny who designed it especially for Knitters for Obama (she is currently out of stock!).

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Knitters for Obama

I found a Knitters for Obama on Ravelry.
There is a fundraiser with raffle of knitting related things - skeins of yarn etc.
You make a donation, and be sure to follow these instructions:
How it Works

Knitters from all over the world have joined forces to host to the Got Hope, Ravelry? online raffle, offering an array of delectable prizes. For every US $5, the donor receives a virtual raffle ticket toward a prize of their choice. The drawing for all prizes will take place April 1, 2008. To win, all you need is $5 and a little luck. Absolutely 100% of the proceeds go to the Obama presidential campaign. ...

How to donate: “buy” tickets by making a donation in the size of your choice to:

(Click on the little thermometer to donate!)
Then send your confirmation email/receipt to:

For each $5, you get one raffle ticket. You can choose different prizes- e.g. 2 tickets towards one prize, and 3 tickets towards another.

If anyone does NOT write in the notes line, their donation will automatically buy tickets to the drawing for the Grand Prize Afghan.

Note: you MUST send the email to and you MUST send an email noting which prizes you want. I forwarded my donation receipt email and included the desired prizes in that mail.

See the prizes at the Ravelry Knitters for Barack Obama/discussion board /RAFFLE FOR BARACK - PRIZES UPDATED!
I am trying to link to this awesome YouTube video....see if it works.

Yes We Can!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Latest music obsession

I do like knitting blogs to stick to fiber topics. But sometimes bloggers need to go off on slight tangents. I feel though that I should be forgiven for this because on Ravelry we have many forums that bring together knitters who have other interests in common. I am on 4 book/reading related forums, (Red) Sox Knitters, and Popular Culture.
I tend to get on music jags - wanting to hear the same CD again, and again. My latest music jag is The Swell Season/ The Frames / Soundtrack from Once

During the summer I saw the film in the theaters three times, and declared after the third time, "I could watch this movie everyday !

Last July, I saw The Swell Season at the 9:30 club in DC. My 20-something son came with me. It was only my second trip to the 9:30 Club, a venue that most people my age don't go to. I missed them when they came to the Lincoln theater in DC on Nov. 18th because I was in England.
In the meantime, I have bought 5 Frames albums, as well as the soundtrack of Once, the enhanced soundtrack (with new tracks, and DVD) and the DVD of the film Once.

I share much of my son's musical taste - Alternative. My love of things Irish is a big part of why I got into this music, but I never got into the Cranberries (too pop), nor Sinead O'Connor (can't sing, and too pop).