Saturday, February 9, 2008

Knitters for Obama

I found a Knitters for Obama on Ravelry.
There is a fundraiser with raffle of knitting related things - skeins of yarn etc.
You make a donation, and be sure to follow these instructions:
How it Works

Knitters from all over the world have joined forces to host to the Got Hope, Ravelry? online raffle, offering an array of delectable prizes. For every US $5, the donor receives a virtual raffle ticket toward a prize of their choice. The drawing for all prizes will take place April 1, 2008. To win, all you need is $5 and a little luck. Absolutely 100% of the proceeds go to the Obama presidential campaign. ...

How to donate: “buy” tickets by making a donation in the size of your choice to:

(Click on the little thermometer to donate!)
Then send your confirmation email/receipt to:

For each $5, you get one raffle ticket. You can choose different prizes- e.g. 2 tickets towards one prize, and 3 tickets towards another.

If anyone does NOT write in the notes line, their donation will automatically buy tickets to the drawing for the Grand Prize Afghan.

Note: you MUST send the email to and you MUST send an email noting which prizes you want. I forwarded my donation receipt email and included the desired prizes in that mail.

See the prizes at the Ravelry Knitters for Barack Obama/discussion board /RAFFLE FOR BARACK - PRIZES UPDATED!
I am trying to link to this awesome YouTube video....see if it works.

Yes We Can!!!

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