Saturday, February 2, 2008

Latest music obsession

I do like knitting blogs to stick to fiber topics. But sometimes bloggers need to go off on slight tangents. I feel though that I should be forgiven for this because on Ravelry we have many forums that bring together knitters who have other interests in common. I am on 4 book/reading related forums, (Red) Sox Knitters, and Popular Culture.
I tend to get on music jags - wanting to hear the same CD again, and again. My latest music jag is The Swell Season/ The Frames / Soundtrack from Once

During the summer I saw the film in the theaters three times, and declared after the third time, "I could watch this movie everyday !

Last July, I saw The Swell Season at the 9:30 club in DC. My 20-something son came with me. It was only my second trip to the 9:30 Club, a venue that most people my age don't go to. I missed them when they came to the Lincoln theater in DC on Nov. 18th because I was in England.
In the meantime, I have bought 5 Frames albums, as well as the soundtrack of Once, the enhanced soundtrack (with new tracks, and DVD) and the DVD of the film Once.

I share much of my son's musical taste - Alternative. My love of things Irish is a big part of why I got into this music, but I never got into the Cranberries (too pop), nor Sinead O'Connor (can't sing, and too pop).


jennifer said...

You are a bad influence! I've downloaded "Falling Slowly" and now I'm gonna check out the Frames. Of course the trigger is knowing we have overlapping music tastes . . . .

Barbara deG said...

If you haven't seen Once yet, you must. I won't go on and on in case you have seen it.