Friday, February 15, 2008

Obama and the sock

There is no end to Knitters for Obama making wild links between their favorite activity (knitting) and their favorite candidate (Senator Barack Obama).

Here we have an "insane" knitter who got a photo of Obama with her sock-in-progress. What a good sport!

The other great find via the Knitters for Obama group is this great t-shirt.

And this beautiful yarn called Audacity from Black Bunny who designed it especially for Knitters for Obama (she is currently out of stock!).


Chelette said...

Love the colorway. I will have to get some for my stash. Not that I need any additional yarn, but I can not pass this one up. I hope they are going to have more.

Chelette said...

I love the Audacity yarn. I have to have it. I have to remember to go back in a couple of days. Thanks for sharing a great piece of fiber.