Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Knitting resolutions 2008

My resolutions are simple (let's see if I can stick to them).
I will rotate between knitting something for myself, knitting something for a friend or finish an unfinished project, and knitting for charity (my favorite is Afghans for Afghans). I will try to do one project, then move onto another, so I am rotating between the three.
I must add :
I will take pictures of what I knit or at least I will keep a log of sorts.
I will keep track of how much yarn I buy and what I spend.
I will shrink my stash.

I usually have a project in mind when I buy yarn, but later forget. After big yarn buying jags like MD Sheep & Wool, or Countryside Artisans tours, I try to write down what project I have in mind for the yarn. It's easy to forget.


cici said...

Wow.... great list.. You have given me some to add to my list. I mostly resolve to have a year of trying to complete old prjects that I started last year, and like you try to get my stash down. A list is a good idea. happy New Year

Barbara deG said...

Every year before Sheep and Wool, I got through my stash, and unfinished projects, and make a list of each. I do this to keep myself from buying too much new stuff, and to also motivate myself to finish some unfinished projects.