Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sad Season

Two stories this week in the news about my favorite group The Swell Season. My friend Kelli alerted me to the first - a concertgoer jumped to his death onto the stage at the Swell Season concert in Saratoga, California. He landed near the lead singer, Glenn Hansard. The SS has has little about it on their webpage though I read there has been chatter on other social media. They are offering grief counseling to those who were there. They cancelled their Las Vegas show but offered ticket holders the chance to use the tickets at other shows.

Then yesterday I heard the band
announced a hiatis, and some assume this is the end for them. But Glenn tweeted : If anyone is going to announce the end of The Swell Season it'll be us.. Forget what anyone else says.. Were not breaking up.. .
They will be going to Brazil this weekend (I would love to be there).

I have been fortunate (blessed) to have seen them five times : twice at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC, at Meyhoff Hall in Baltimore, and in Pittsburgh twice at the Byham. Glenn's band The Frames are planning a tour this fall and I am already on the lookout for tickets. I am feeling sad for the person who took his life, his family and friends, and those who were there. I am so sorry this happened at a SS concert. I just doesn't seem possible. I love the gift of their music and will continue to be one of their biggest fans forever.


cici said...

What tragic and sad news. I sure hope they are just taking a break and not breaking up. I am a fan too because of you♥

cici said...

I know I already commented here. This time its because you have been given an award... see my blog for details♥

Anonymous said...

The 930 Club is one of my favorite venues. Up there with The Catalyst in Santa Cruz. Lucky to have seen them there.