Sunday, September 27, 2009

Emergency [room] knitting

Last Wednesday at 6 a.m. my son had to go to the Emergency Room. As he wasn't bleeding or in severe distress I did take time to grab my knitting before going out the door. It turned out he had a collapsed lung - which is not unheard of in young men (and for no reason). We were in the ER 9 and 1/2 hours before he was admitted. I have been doing plenty of knitting the past 5 days in the hospital including knitting this Turn a Square hat (Jared Flood's free pattern) from the Berroco Pure Merino and Berroco Pure Merino Chine I bought last Sunday at The Fiber Space in Alexandria VA with my friend Martha. I knit this up Friday night watching my Red Sox playing the team who shall not be named (there is another name they are commonly known by among Sox fans but I want to keep this clean) in New York.
I took these pics with my Blackberry so they aren't the best quality.


Nik said...

I just took at look at that yarn over at Berrocco's site. My gosh, it looks yummy/squishy! I hope it was a dream to knit with.

knitredsox said...

Hope your son is feeling better! Nice hat. :)