Monday, August 3, 2009

An Annual Tradition - Sox in Balmer

This past Saturday, friends Kate and Lee and their sons Daniel and Ryan drove down from Massachusetts (Arlington) to Maryland for their second annual Sox in Balmer outing with me and my son, Camilo. From left to right : Daniel (wearing no Sox gear), Camilo (with his subtle Sox knit cap), and Ryan (fully decked out in Ellsbury shirt and regulation Sox hat).

Of course on my trip to Ireland, I took my Sox cap. At the student dining hall at Queen's University Belfast, I saw a young guy with a Sox cap every morning. Finally on Thursday I asked him "Are you a Sox fan or a poser?". He answered in a genunie Massachusetts accent, "I'm not a poser" - of course pronounced 'posah' and we proceeded to chat about Sox news of the week (hard to get in Belfast especially when you are not online).

On the flight from Dublin to NY, there were 4 or 5 Sox hats and the flight attendant even gave me extra special attention because I was wearing mine:)


knitredsox said...

Grat you made it to a game in the series...was that the Sox blowout?
My BIL works at Queens...I'm sure he would have stopped you if he saw you and the cap!

Barbara deG said...

This was the 4-0 game - we shut out the Orioles but Sunday was the 18-10 game which I saw on tv. It was a good one to watch on tv cuz of the heat and occasional showers.