Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sox Week!

This week the Red Sox came to DC to play the Nats in 3 interleague games. The first game was Tuesday night and 2 Sox Knitters Ravelry members (and one of their 14 year olds) came down for a DC Meetup. At noon I met them at Union Station along with another Sox Knitter who took us to a great burger place on Capitol Hill. After lunch I went back to work and we all met at the park at 5:30 for game of Sox shirt bingo (see the card below). It was fun looking for obscure shirts of former players (e.g. Yaz, Ramirez 24, etc.).
It was a really good game with the final score Boston 11 DC 3. Papi (Ortiz) didn't play Tuesday night but I went again Thursday night with another group of gals from Boston and got to see him. The Nats beat us Thursday, and I was so glad that we won on Tuesday because it would have been a bummer for the Sox Knitters to come all the way to DC for a game to see our beloved Sox lose to the Nats (the worst team in all of baseball this year - which makes me sad cuz I'd love to see them do better - just as long as my Sox win.


knitredsox said...

Wish I could have been there! Great that you were able to catch two games- especially the one where we won! :)

cici said...

sounds like a great game. Did you take your trip yet to Brasil??