Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fight against Alzheimer's Disease

A dear friend of mine who lives in Boston, Maritza, is very involved in the fight against Alzheimer's Disease. She is the busy mother of three young boys, but finds time to work to further education and research on this disease.
Many of us know individuals with this disease. Some of us have family members we are caring for. These days there are many demands on our compassion and pocketbooks, but I find it easiest to choose to help when a friend is involved.
Here is a link to her donation page.


I have signed up for a 2 session drop spindle class at my LYS A Tangled Skein. I have come to understand my fiber arts learning style which is : I don't get it right away (and may even seem to really make a mess of things), but after persevering, I get it. I was having difficulty with my twist that kept moving up before it should. Then I figured it out. But I haven't done my practice this weekend.

Some of my friends, as well as my classmates, have warned me that I won't be able to stop at drop spindles, and will have to get a wheel. I don't have the space (and $$$) for a spinning wheel, and because there are so many lucious fibers out there as well as a neverending supply of beautiful batts in creative colors, I don't want to go there:)
Here's an example from Lime & Violet's Daily Chum called Macabre batts. See what I mean??? A whole new realm of fibery things to buy!