Sunday, September 7, 2008


I have signed up for a 2 session drop spindle class at my LYS A Tangled Skein. I have come to understand my fiber arts learning style which is : I don't get it right away (and may even seem to really make a mess of things), but after persevering, I get it. I was having difficulty with my twist that kept moving up before it should. Then I figured it out. But I haven't done my practice this weekend.

Some of my friends, as well as my classmates, have warned me that I won't be able to stop at drop spindles, and will have to get a wheel. I don't have the space (and $$$) for a spinning wheel, and because there are so many lucious fibers out there as well as a neverending supply of beautiful batts in creative colors, I don't want to go there:)
Here's an example from Lime & Violet's Daily Chum called Macabre batts. See what I mean??? A whole new realm of fibery things to buy!

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MarthaH said...

It's like a big scary hook that reaches out and nabs ya! Hmmm, should we take bets (or batts; bad pun) on how long it will be before you have a wheel? In the meantime, you're welcome to come over and use mine anytime.