Monday, August 4, 2008

Checking in

I have just returned from the Golden Gate Fiber Institute in California on the red-eye flight that arrived at 6 am this morning. I have loads to write about that experience and pictures to upload.
I'll just say now that the Fiber Institute exceeded all of my expectations : the organizers were fabulous, the instruction was incredible, the output of participants soooo creative, the place - far more beautiful than I had even been able to imagine, the food and resident staff awesome; the whole site was a certified green business.

I came home with almost 2 dozen skeins of yarn I hand-dyed with natural dyes (cochineal, mullein, logwood, walnut hulls, indigo, dillweed, and more), and three small Estonian Lace projects knit with Nancy Bush.
And there will be another Fiber Institute Jan. 5th-11th, as well as probably next summer.

One of the teachers, Myra Wood will be leading a trip to Peru - Weaving and Freeform Fiberarts Trip June 1-10th. Will it be Sea Socks 2009 or Peru? They are the same dates.


cici said...

wow you are right they both sound great,i thought we had a deal.. Seasocks 2009.

Barbara deG said...

I posted a message on the Sea Socks page to inquire about the price. I know - both sound great! I will decide on Sea Socks if I have a definite roomie. I am working on my friend in Pittsburgh:)

Martha H said...

Somehow, I just knew this little adventure of yours was going to equal havoc in my life and my bank account. You have, apparently, not failed me in my expectations. I can't wait until we can catch up!qkez

Barbara said...

thanks for being a great room mate. It really made a difference in my experience at GGFI. I won't be able to attend the winter one, but will be back next summer.