Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lake Como, Italy

On June 17th, I left for a conference in Italy. The conference was only two and a half days, and I only had 4 days in Italy. I wasn't sure that it would be worth it to go to Europe for such a short time, but with the weak dollar, it's hard to afford more. I got a grant, and some departmental funds to pay for the trip. The catch was I am also teaching summer school, so it had to be a short trip. But who could resist the chance to visit Lake Como and the Italian lakes.
The conference was worthwhile as I made some great international contacts related to work I am doing. The picures on top on the left is the conference center, that was intentionally designed to look like a greenhouse on the grounds of Villa Erba (photo on the right). Even though it was an international conference, there were very few people there from outside of Europe, a reflection I think of the current economic conditions. However, there was a large group of Brazilians (their economy is booming), and meeting them was helpful to my current project. I am going to Chile in November, and am thinking about a stop in Brazil on the way back.
On Saturday, I took a tour that the ferry company offered : sail up Lake Como to Menaggio, get off and take a bus to Porlezza on Lake Lugano, which is partly in Italy, and partly in Switzerland. In Porlezza, take a boat down Lake Lugano into Switzerland to the city of Lugano. In Lugano, you take the funicular up to the train station, and take a train to Chiasso, Switzerland. There you get off to take a bus back to Como, but I took the train. The trip took 7 hours. I could have stayed in Lugano and shopped but had no Swiss francs, and had to be up very early the next morning to go home (and still had to pack).
On the boat, there was a group of Italian women who sang wonderfully. As they were leaving the boat in Bellagio, I realized that my new camera also takes video, and so here it is!
I worked on the socks I am knitting in Rock Creek Yarn's sock yarn, in the colorway Kilaeua.
I have my photos uploaded on Flikr though I have to figure out how to add friends so they can be seen.


cici said...

what a great trip,, im sure toooo short.going to check out flickr now... :D

Guaria del Bosque said...

Four days? What a tease of a trip! You need ten days minimum! Italy is my favorite European country (of the ones I’ve been to) and I read about Lake Como about ten years ago and have wanted to visit ever since. I’m soo envious!

Barbara deG said...

I will definitely go to Italy again - I really loved it. And next time I'll speak Italian - I could understand alot, but couldn't reply. I wanted to respond in Portuguese:)